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This is my collection of funny little statements found in ebay ads. The spelling and grammar has not been changed.

This last page features my own experiences and comments. -- Enjoy!



This is one of the wonderful packaging jobs I received. There were 3 little pieces of paper in the box with everything else kind of tossed in. Then capacitors or knobs were not wrapped. Everything just was just floating around in the box. It came to me with a hole in the side of the box with a capacitor shaft sticking out , and one of the knobs was broken. I didn't pay too much for these items.


Art Deco (Stupid phrase that doesn't mean anything to me)

Deco (The most overused word)

Vintage (Translates to "crap")

Wow! (Always translates to "yawn" after looking)

Huge (usually not huge, only a few tubes or something)

LQQK Don't bother. Just more crap!

Ebay experiment:
I put three items on at the same time, in the same category. One had the correct item spelling and the other two were close and similar but not the same. I monitored the counter of all three. The three ads had the exact wording.

First was DOWKEY STYLE COAXIAL RELAY , changed to DOW KEY STYLE COAXIAL RELAY two days before the end. Until the change was made this one and #3 had the same count, about half of #2 End bid was $16.50 (reserve not met). The end count was 65.

Second was DOW KEY STYLE COAXIAL RELAY which had a 75 count and sold for $24.50 (the reserve)

Third was Dowkey Style Coaxial Relay 115VAC coil, which had a 49 count at the end and had a bid of $.73, not meeting the reserve.

Although this was only one experiment, it points to the importance of the correct spelling and keywords in the listing title.

Hints and opinions:

If an auction is started at $10.00 instead of $9.99, you pay an extra 20 cents. Starting an auction at $25.00 instead of $24.99 will cost you 55 cents more. Get the picture?

The big action in auctions is in the last minutes. Placing an ad in the "prime time" of an auction is likely to garner more and higher bids. Primetime would be placing an auction around 10 pm eastern time.

Placing a buy-it-now or a reserve price can encourage a prospective bidder to make an early bid. Be careful with the buy-it-now as you might give something away cheap. That has happened to me a couple of times, but it didn't bother me a lot. I got what I wanted so why be greedy?

We all know the rules concerning non payers. Making threats from negative feedback to castration puts a certain negativity in an ad that even the honest buyer finds somewhat offensive.

Since nearly everything sold on ebay is shipped, having boxing, double boxing, triple boxing, bubble wrap, plastic peanuts fees is not warranted. This shows signs of trickery and just trying to squeeze every last dime out of a bidder. In my opinion, these fees should be included in the starting price. I like ads with fixed shipping prices. Knowing what I am paying gives me bidding confidence.

Take a look at the pictures before you post the ad. Would you make a bid based on some of the pictures you see? I have passed by many items due to out of focus and dark pictures. Sometimes these methods are used to hide problems.

Don't be in too much of a hurry before posting bad feedback. One of my neighbors had to change her e-mail address and forgot to tell ebay. When she said she hadn't heard on a winning bid she got, I asked her if she told ebay about her new address? Oops. Sometimes people end up in the hospital or get called away without notice. I never have posted a negative feedback but only would do it if there were some kind of fraud involved.

Sellers are not perfect shopkeepers. They are usually a couple just selling things now and again. I don't expect perfection. That way I am not disappointed. Just chill.

If you are having trouble making a payment, just communicate with the seller. I am very patient when expecting money if someone just explains. Unexpected things come up.

Ebay ain't that serious. Have fun. Enjoy!

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