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For the first time I am offering a template that you can use as your browser home page. This requires manual editing, but makes a very attractive home page for your browser. Instantly click on your favorite links. No more searching through your bookmarks for that commonly used link.

You can upload this page to your web host and have it available if you are at a different computer. I've been using a system like this since 1996. If you are familiar with using a text or html editor, you can do this. Above is a screenshot of part of where you edit. Replace the empty links with your favorites. This version of the menu is meant for monitors with at least 1024 pixel width. Other screen width versions will appear here soon.

Want to see a demo? Take a look. If this is for you, here is the zipped download. After you unzip this, go to the read-me-first.html page for further instructions.

If you have a wider screen, then you may want to use the bookmark page meant for 1280 pixel or wider monitors. Try this one for size and download.

If you have still a wider wider screen, 1440 pixels or wider, download this zip file. But before you do, take a look at the menu to see if it is for you.