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First, the disclaimer.

These pages are filled with my opinions on money, investing, retirement and (ugh) spending. This is a personal blog and all information within is informational. Before you do anything, make sure it is right for you. I take no responsibility if you follow anything I do. It may be a stupid move! I have no credentials in any of the subjects that I will discuss here.

Ok, if you understand that, please feel free to rummage around this website. — The Management

The ACA taxes and you

I've always figured that the less you pay in taxes, the more you might have. Of course there is a chance that you letting your tax strategies tail wag the tax dog. Many people can sway their income by methods such as how much goes into an IRA or 401(k) plan. Read more …

Royalty Trusts

A guest blog by William M. Schmarder (Will)

Royalty trusts are an innovative way for investors to gain exposure to the oil, natural gas, and other commodity prices. Read more …