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Animusic® DVD's

Disclaimer: This review is my own personal opinion. It is my best effort to tell others how a particular product met my expectations. Comments and rebuttal are welcomed, but you will have to get your own web site to have them published. These comments are made without malice. I purchased this product at retail, just as most would do. No communication regarding this product has been made to the seller.


Believe it or not, I do other things than make radios and write web pages. This review is of a pair of DVD's produced by Animusic. Before you go on reading, take a look at their website and view the video clips. This will give you some idea of what is going on.

If you like computer animation driven by MIDI and computer music with the Moog style synthesiser sound, this might be for you. It is interesting to note that Robert Moog hung his hat in Ithaca, NY for a long time. The Animusic people also roost in Ithaca. Is this a coincidence? Ithaca, by the way is about 35 miles up the road from me.

Animusic Discs

So far there are two DVD's in this series. Each can be purchased separately or as a pair. The first disc is copyright 2004, but was originally released a few years earlier. This means there is no wide screen version such as on the second disc. The discs play well on my cheap DVD player connected to my Vizio VO32LF HDTV.

The second disc is newer, with a 2005 copyright. In reading the online information and the excellent directors narration, these productions aren't just popped out one after another. It is a very time consuming process in every step. I understand a third disc is in progress, and when it is ready, I will be purchasing.

The first disc has 7 music animations. The second disc has 8. Both have a rendition of the "Pipe Dream" animusic. It was told that this was a much faster to bring a new selection to the second disc. It is one of my favorites and the music was different, so I didn't mind.

My favorite selection is Cathedral Pictures. In this case the music was familiar classical music. The unknown music is very good, but the known music stood out.

The second disc has the wide screen and 4:3 ratio presentations. So it will look right no matter what your tv set.

These discs have lots of bonus features and extras. Some have multi-angle selection. This is the first time I ever used this DVD player feature. Very cool. These extras add value to this product. It is worth the possible delay of the next disc to have this included.

What's Next?

The Animusic website mentions that a third disc in production. That noted, it appears that the first two discs have been a commercial success. So there are a bunch of others that like Animusic as much as I do. I first saw an Animusic piece on PBS as a between show presentation. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.

I would like to see more pretty much like was presented. I would like to see more classical presentations too as the one I heard was very well done. My wish is that some of Raymond Scott's music from the 1930's be digitally remade and presented as Animusic. Of course, the first song should be Powerhouse.


I hope this review is useful. It is way out of my usual rhelm of building little radios. My radios are art, just as Animusic is also art, presented in a different way. The DVD's or CD audio can be purchased directly from the Animusic website.