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Hi friends. I have assembled some reviews of various items that I have purchased. This is a long shot from my homemade radios, but most of these reviews will be electronic related. I hope you find them useful.

Disclaimer: This review is my own personal opinion. It is my best effort to tell others how a particular product met my expectations. Comments and rebuttal are welcomed, but you will have to get your own web site to have them published. These comments are made without malice. I purchased this product at retail, just as most would do. No communication regarding this product has been made to the seller.

Dave's 2012 Computer

computer review thumbnail

I built a computer in June 2012 for myself. The operating system will be Windows 8. Presently it is in it's testing stage with Windows 8 RP (Release Preview) When Windows 8 becomes available, I'll be ready! Read Further …

The Apple iPad

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The coming arrival of the iPad in early April 2010 was well publicized, but to me it was a big ho-hum event. My opinion has been that Apple stuff is over priced and over controlled. Being a computer bottom price feeder (cheapskate), I felt that this was not for me! Read Further …


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Believe it or not, I do other things than make radios and write web pages. This review is of a pair of DVD's produced by Animusic. Before you go on reading, take a look at their website and view the video clips. This will give you some idea of what is going on. Read Further …

C. Crane Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Wifi Radio Review

This is my first review. Some of my friends have shown interest in buying an internet or Wi Fi radio. They knew that I had purchased recently and have come to me for information and opinions. Radio streaming has been around on the internet for quite a few years now. These stand alone devices have been around for several years, but still are new to a lot. Read Further …

My New Computer - 2009

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Nearly 5 years have passed since I acquired my Aldi computer. Actually it is a Medion brand computer. For a store bought computer, it was very nice and worked well. I upgraded it with a dual head video card, a new DVD-RW drive and more memory. It cost me nearly 1000 bucks in 2004. That was then and now is now. Read Further …

Vizio VO-32LF Television

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Yes, I have turned into a couch potato. Oh well. I will get back to the radio building in the not too distant future. A few years ago owning a HDTV set was not in my future. I just wasn't interested. My 1986, 1988 and 1994 Sony tv sets were still working fine. The prices were high and frankly I wasn't that impressed with the whole situation. Read Further …