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New Angel CX-A08 MP3 Player Speaker Review

New Angel MP3 Player with speaker front

Here is another treasure sent to me directly from Hong Kong. You might think that I am up to my ears now with these things, but I've been finding homes for them. I have friends and neighbors that have treated me nicely and these make nice little gifts. These little devices also introduce them to the digital world. After seeing these, they want to throw away their old cassette players. They realize that they can easily carry around 100 or more cassette tapes worth of tunes on one USB thumb drive!

This player has New Angel printed on the top as the brand name. There are similar looking mp3 players but many lack the digital 128x64 pixel screen. By using the search terms: new angel mp3, in eBay, there will be a whole list of these players and some others too.

I paid about $14 for mine in a buy it now sale on eBay. You may find them on sale now and again, or for a couple bucks less at auction. If you find one at that price, it is unlikely that anyone will bid against you.

I do like the last mp3 player I reviewed better. In short, for a couple dollars more, you get a dual speaker system, and perhaps a larger battery. But most of all, the buttons are easier to operate. This is because I have fat and old fingers mostly. But I still want to show this off to you.

Getting It Started

One nice thing about this was it defaulted to English! That was nice of someone to pre adjust it. I was prepared to count through the menus and place it in English. I knew the drill from the last one.

The buttons work exactly as in the last player, except there is no center on – pause – stop – off button. That is not a big deal. To turn this one on, use the on – off switch on the side of the box. The music will play right away. It is nice that when the player is switched on, the music starts from where you left off.

Look at my review of the NiZhi player for details on the selector menu levels.


I plugged in my USB thumb drive in the top of the box and turned it on and there was music. The volume comes on at a 20/40 volume level. By holding in the volume down button, the level will decrease.

Unfortunately this player did not come with instructions. This is definitely a negative for the new user. Not impossible though (unless it starts in Chinese).

Beyond that, the sound quality is very good. No booming bass was expected nor received, but there is a full range of audio with very low distortion levels. I am very pleased with what my $14 brought me.

In the next weeks more of these will be coming to my doorstep. They are very worthwhile and fun devices. They would make nice gifts to the kids too. The loading of the files is somewhat manual, so you will have to check your mp3 inventories.

Anf finally … attaching the lanyard they sent is a real pain in the rump! But my knyar coated, silver plated 26 gauge wire came to the rescue. I was able to thread that through the two small holes and then pull the lanyard cord through.

New Angel MP3 Player with speaker top

Additional Operating Info

These operating tips refers not only to the players on this page, but also the NiZhi MP3 players on the previous page. I first found this while I was in the fumbling stage. Im referring to ways to navigate around the USB or TF memory cards to find a particular folder (directory) or a particular file to play.

First make sure the player is in the music file playing mode. Start playing a song and then press the pause/stop button, which on this unit is on the right and on the NiZhi is the center button.

Pressing the menu button presents a new set of choices. Move the cursor to the Card Folder or U Disc Dir and press the menu button again. Be careful not to select the Delete File or Delete All options. That might make you unhappy.

The first selection moves you up one directory, assuming you have 1 or more sub directories and you had started in a sub directory to begin with. I generally don't keep any files in the root. You can move up to the root and then press the up/down buttons to select the new directory you want. Pressing the menu button again will place you in the new directory (folder).

Then select the file you want to play and press the menu button again. Then you will play the new tune. There is not a lot of time allowed to press the next button. If you doddle, the display reverts back to where it started.

Make sure that the last thing you do is to select a file to play, otherwise the player reverts back to the file that you were at before.

Remember, to do all this, the music has to be stopped. If the music is running and you press the menu button, you are in a completely different menu area. Being able to cruise the memory makes the operation of this MP3 player much nicer. A useful hint might be to keep the directory names real short as you only see the first few characters of the name. If you want to pick a particular file, it might be better to split the contents in to two separate directories.

BTW, the directories and files appear on the drive in the order they they are on the drive, and not sorted in alphabetical order. If you use a file manager program that sorts on your computer, directories and files can be placed on a fresh memory card to force the location of the files as seen with the MP3 player. Each time you want to add a directory, just erase the memory card and start over again by placing each directory in the order you want them to appear in the player.