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SH-S1 MP3 Player Headphone Radio

I'm not normally interested in headphone devices. I live alone and I can turn my music up as loud as I want. Maybe that is why I live alone, come to think of it. But you are here to read about these headphones and not my personal habits.

In this case, these were purchased for a friend to wear while she is slimming down on the equipment at the gym. She was still using a cassette player! When the headphone cords moved, a mechanical sound would travel up the cord to the ears. With no cord, these phones would eliminate that problem.

After my three week wait, my headphones arrived from all the way on the other side of the world. The box was pretty tattered, but perhaps protected the phones. I first noticed that the SH-51 phones were pretty light, made completely from plastic. The phones headband is adjustable, and I might add these are quite comfortable. The padding is nice, although there could be doubt on how long these will hold together. The price including shipping was less than $16 from a Chinese seller on eBay. Of course, there is a de facto no warranty as the cost to send them back would cost more than you paid.

The controls are all mounted on one of the phones. On the back is the display, and 5 buttons for volume, changing the song and a play button. They are easy to operate and it is easy to get used to the positions without looking at them.

On one side of the phones is the on-off switch, a button to place the player in the FM radio mode and a SD Micro /TF memory slot.

At this point, I would like to mention something about the TF slot. The memory (1-8 GB) plugs in only one direction, with the connection edge connector going in first. The memory has to be pressed in, usually with the aid of a fingernail until the memory clicks.

To remove the memory, press in and the memory will click and pop out. Herein lies the problem. If you don't "aim" your phones carefully, the memory could fly across the room. In my house, that means lost!

On the bottom of the phones is a LED that glows blue when the power in on and red when charging. The player is charged by plugging in a USB charging cable in the bottom and in to a USB computer or charger connection. I would recommend charging with a dedicated charger. The cable is included.

The final connector is a 3.5mm line jack. This jack will accept other audio sources. The included cable is too short to be useful for connecting to other equipment.

The phones sound really good when playing mp3 music on the memory card. Both of the phones fold in to a compact size for easy storage. Unfortunately I haven't had such good luck with the FM section. I get the hiss and the scan function works, or shows going up the band, stopping now and again. But as far as hearing stations, I got zero. I would have been very disappointed if I had purchased these for the FN receiver. From my experience, none of these cheap Chinese MP3 devices have a worthwhile FM radio. It is best to get an FM only radio from somewhere. One with a telescoping antenna is desirable in the weaker reception areas.