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WSTER WS-3155 MP3 Player

WSTER MS-3155 MP3 Player main view

Some think I am crazy to buy all these players! They are right. I go crazy over these because they are so cheap and work well. This one, the WSTER WS-3155 is no exception.

Again, this is an eBay purchase. To find it, try these search terms – Mini USB Portable Speaker Music Player SD TF Card MP3 That should narrow down the list. I bought this from a seller in Hong Kong for $13.49 including shipping. But that was a special price. I see them usually for $19 – $21, still a good deal.

I was able to do a little extra Google research on this player. I entered WS-3155 and a couple other terms and found some non-eBay offerings for around $30 – $40 plus shipping. Seems that I got a good deal. Those showed a retail box and mentioned the remote control was well as the other cables and instructions. The eBay ad didn't. Generally if something isn't mentioned, you don't get it.

I placed my order at that great sales price and crossed my fingers. I hadn't been disappointed on my previous Chinese MP3 players, so taking a chance at such a low price wasn't a big gamble. I waited patiently the few weeks for this to wind it's way to my house. This morning the padded envelope arrived. I knew right away what it was. I plugged my USB thumb drive in, and it started playing right away!

The Layout

Looking at the back panel, there is the power switch. I suppose they put them in the back to save wiring. Next to the switch is a coaxial power connector. A cable with a USB charging connector is on the other end. Next to that on the clearly marked back panel (in English) is the AUX 3.5 mm input jack.

On the right side in the back is a SD/MMC memory socket. To use the micro SD or TF memory, you will need an adaptor. Next to the memory socket is the small telescoping radio antenna.

Standing up near the back is a USB connector for a thumb drive.

On the front there is a fairly large, easy to read red LED display. This displays the FM frequency or the MP3 song number and elapsed time of the song. There are indicators showing the mode, and the memory in use.

There are buttons for the mode, and song step (or FM memory). On the right is the pause button and volume up and down. Not a lot of frills, just easy to operate controls.

WSTER MS-3155 MP3 Player remote control

The Remote

The remote is a cheap, fairly standard Chinese type that uses the coin 3 volt lithium battery. The number pad is for entering the song number or FM frequency. There are a number of features including a repeat function, equalizer, scan start button. The usual volume up and down, and next – previous song selection button. At the top are the power and mute buttons. The remote gives extra control not available on the front panel of the MS-3155.


Besides the MP3 player, for which I purchased the WS-3155 for, there is a FM radio included. The frequency can be entered on the remote keypad or a channel scan can be done. As usual, the sensitivity of this was typical of these gadgets, not very good. I'm not in a great FM reception location. But the sound was good. Besides the FM radio and the MP3 player, there is an AUX input.

There are two small but quite loud speakers on top of the player. I've been quite impressed with the little Chinese aluminum vibration speakers. I haven't cranked the volume way up as I thought I might damage the speakers. I'll let others experiment with the volume features.

A nice feature of these Chinese MP3 players is if you shut it off, the song is memorized and when the player is again turned on, it starts playing from where it left off.


Nothing difficult here. Just press the buttons as shown by the symbols and you are ready to go. The batteries should be charged with a dedicated charger, if possible, rather than a computer USB port. I scanned the instruction sheet and placed it below. Click on the picture for a readable view.

My Opinion

I'm not sure where I'll use this. I have 4 other MP3 players already. I wished it had alarm and sleep timer features. I haven't found a way to change to a different directory on the memory stick. There is a jump feature on the remote control you can use by entering a song number. If you don't have a lot of memory cards, the song numbers could be memorized.

This is a very nicely built MP3 player. It worked right off and was completely easy to use. The quality is nice, both in the construction and sound quality. Of course, it won't have the sound of a professional sound system, but I judge something on what I would expect it to be, rather than on an absolute scale.

This is a best used as a stationary player rather than a carry around portable, due to the shape. If this is what you are looking for, I would recommend the WSTER WS-3155 MP3 player for you.

WSTER MS-3155 MP3 Player instruction sheet